TAG Heuer Aquaracer Man Automatic

Since one of my cakes published in Detik food:

I received some emails asking about the cake and ending with the order…this is the result.

With a design that was different from before, this time customer ask TAG Heuer Aquaracer Man Automatic for her husband birthday.

Vanilla cake with the base cake’s size was 30x22x4cm and the main part of the watch with a diameter of 22 cm. The cake was decorated with fondant and the details were using edible (food) black pen.

All the details were handmade from the logo until the numbers because there was no an alphabet cutter with such a small size like that.


One thought on “TAG Heuer Aquaracer Man Automatic

  1. tuuuhhh kaan biar di kritik tapi berbuah rejeki hehehe..oya salam kenal saya ABG ncc yang juga punya obsesi besssaaarrr bisa bikin kue yg cantik2..tetap semangaaatt (heni)

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