West Sumatra-Themed Cakes

What was thought about by you if the customer wants West Sumatra-themed cakes?
For me of course..Rumah Gadang, Talempong, Jam Gadang and Itiak Lado Ijau..hahahah..*please ignore the last one :-P*

Rumah gadang (Minangkabau language: big house) is a traditional home of Minangkabau, West Sumatra.

The house has dramatic curved roof structure with multi-tiered, upswept gables. The house serves as a residence, a hall for family meeting and for ceremonial activities.

Talempong is a traditional music of Minangkabau people. The Talempong produce a static texture consisting of interlocking ryhthms (Roth, A. R. New Compositions for Javanese Gamelan. University of Durham, Doctoral Thesis, 1986. Page 147).

The flavour were chocolate and vanilla, decorated with fondant and buttercream (for the grass only).


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