>Happy Birthday My Sweety Pie!

>23 February 2006 just feels like yesterday…now my little baby is growing up.
There was no special preparation in each of her birthday…only a special cake…
and it was the second time I made it by my self…and I made it with love ^_^.

This was her request…OWL…
just like she saw it at http://www.confetticakes.blogspot.com, a birthday cake of Elisa Strauss’ daughter.
But Fara asked for the green owl. I was happy because making this cake was much easier than making Thomas Loco…and it looked so cute, isn’t it?  ^_*.

Owl made of some 4 cm height layers Brownies; 3 layers with diameter 18 cm, 1 layer with diamater 15 cm, 1 half ball cake with diamater 15 cm and 2 mini cupcakes shaped into the owl’s ears. While the base cake was using a sakura pan with diameter 26 cm.


2 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday My Sweety Pie!

  1. >Assalamu'alaikum,Salam kenal mbak. Everything you made was a very perfect cake, I impressed. I just start to learn decorating a cake with fondant. Do you have any recipe or technique for a beginner like me?Thank you,Rima

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