Anniversary Cake

My first cake order after the long Holiday..chocolate cake layered with ganache and decorated with fondant. The customer ask a simple and elegant decorating with fondant and also the figurin of the family to celebrate 5th wedding anniversary.

Most of my cakes and cupcakes as you can see in this blog were decorated with fondant. I will share some tips here about fondant.
In order to make a cake with smooth surface, the most important thing is to create a perfect shape for its fondant covering. You can use any kind of cakes to covering by fondant, such as butter cake, brownies, sponge cake and Lapis Surabaya. As long as the cake in a firm-textured and do not need to keep in refrigerator (remember that never to keep the fondant in refrigerator! keep it in room temperature or in air conditioned room with temperature around 27-28 Celsius degrees).
Make the cake’s surface smooth. You can use cake leveler, knife and scissor (to cut the edge of the cake). Trimming away the crust of the cake and keep the cake level so there are no problems with balance. Any bumps or gaps in the cake will show up in your fondant.

Cover the cake using spatula by placing a mount of buttercream start from the center of the cake top. Spread accross the top and then cover the sides. Or you can also use ganache with the composition of whipcream : cooking chocolate = 1:2.
Then prepare your fondant with the colors. Roll fondant into a ball, kneading until it’s soft and pliable. Using a toothpick, add dots of icing color. Remember to add just a little of the concentrated icing color at a time, until you arrive at exact shade you want. Knead thoroughly after each addition until the color is even.
Roll out the fondant with rolling pin to a covering thickness of around 3-4 mm. And then roll the fondant gently over the cake. Pull the corner flaps gently out and away from the cake, smooth the corners with hands. Trim away the excess using a pizza cutter or spatula. Smooth the top and sides gently with smoother.
The cake is now ready to decorate.

3rd Anniversary NLC

Red Velvet Cake without food coloring, layered with cheese frosting and Kiwi. 
Covered with chocolate mint (green), chocolate sunkist (orange) and buttercream. 
The logo was an edible image; printed with food coloring on sugar paper so that it can be eaten. 
While the figurin (Livina car) made of fondant. 
Special ordered by chairman of Nissan Livina Club; Om Saleh. 
Happy Anniversary NLC!