Happy Birthday My Angel….

12 November 2010 was the second birthday of my youngest daughter; Niswa Faradys Eljinan. The first thing she wanted was a cake with Elmo, then changed to Pororo and the last I saw she was very caring with her Barney doll and sometimes in the middle of the night she woke up and seek her Barney…so I decided to make a Barney cake. Two-tier cake with a dummy at the bottom diameter of 26 cm with fondant decoration and cake top diameter 18 cm with decoration and figurines Barney and friends from chocolate modeling. The decoration was simple because a limited time for preparation to go to Kediri. This cake was also taken away to Kediri for a birthday celebration with family there and arrived safely.
Happy birthday my dear..May God always take care of you and grow into a shalehah woman and useful for many people. My prayers will always be with you wherever you go….insya Allah.