Wilton Halal Certificate

As mentioned at http://cakestories.wordpress.com… cake lovers out there, bakers or the ‘eaters’ (who’s concern regarding halal food) will say; “Alhamdulillah”…because some products of Wilton, especially Icing colors have got HALAL certified by IFANCA which is a body similar to LPPOM MUI  in US.


Kehalalan Fondant

Fondant yang saya gunakan untuk decorating cake adalah fondant merk Bakels, Australia.
Berikut ini sertifikat Halalnya:

Source: Correspondence Ria (www.pawonalit.blogspot.com) with Australian Bakels

What is Fondant?

Fondant is a thick white sugar substance that is used in cake decorating and candy making. There are a few different types of fondant.

One type is rolled fondant. Rolled fondant is a thick dough that is often rolled and draped over a cake. This type of fondant dries with a smooth finish. Rolled fondant is also called sugarpaste.
Another type is poured fondant. Poured fondant is pourable and spreadable. This type of fondant is most often used for petits fours but can also be used to glace cakes and candies.
A third type of fondant is sculpting fondant. This fondant is very thick and is used to mold different shapes for cake decorations.

Fondant can be bought or home made. Fondant prices are a little bit expensive, but worth it.

There are various ways of making it. The standard is to create a sugar syrup with water, sugar and glucose (or corn syrup), which inhibits the sugar’s tendency to crystallize. The mixture is cooked to the “soft-ball stage” (don’t think sports, think 238°F or 115°C), after which it is cooled a bit and then laboriously stirred by hand for 30 to 40 minutes, until it sets up to the consistency of a very thick frosting. Some slackers think that processing the fondant for two to three minutes in a food processor is preferable to all that stirring. Fondant made by this method is smooth and shiny, and, particularly when mixed with a flavoring, relatively tasty.

Fondant Tips

  • In general, shorter cakes are easier to cover with fondant.If you’re just learning, you may want to start out with a short,one layer cake to practice. 
  • Rolled fondant tends to dry out quickly.To prevent it from hardening while you’re working, keep it covered.Fondant can be stored in an air-tight container at room temperature for several days.
  • Fondant should be used at room temperature. 
  • When rolling out your fondant, dust your rolling surface with confectioners sugar to prevent sticking. 
  • Before applying fondant, spread a thin layer of icing on your cake. This will create a sticky surface for the fondant to adhere to.