Dragon Ball Z Cake & Cupcake


The Power Puff Girls


Optimus Prime Helmet

Diameter of cake:  18 cm.

Baby Superman

Choco Velvet Cupcakes topping ganache. Superman made of fondant.

Black Spiderman

Choco Velvet 30×30 cm  with buttercream decoration. 
Black Spiderman dibuat dengan teknik sablon, degradasi warna dengan teknik air brush.

Ultraman Tiga

First time I thought there was only one Ultraman in the superhero universe.
But when I browsed Ultraman in the search engine..I found many Ultraman characters with their Japanese names.
I wonder how kids, especially boys can identify them one by one.
 Ultraman Tiga is one of the most familiar character in the Ultraman Family. 
This cake I made from two half-ball shaped cake with diameter 15 cm and a round cake with 8 cm height. Overall height of Ultraman head was approximately 19 cm.