Buttercream Flowers


Royal Icing Flowers

Rose & Violet
Daffodill, Cherry Blossom and Apple Blossom
Drop Flower and Prime Rose
Mini cakes with diameter 12 cm were covered with Butter Cream Icing.

Carnation Cupcake Bouquet

Carnation was made of butter cream using tip #102,
while chrysanthemum and leafs were made of chocolate modeling.
Resep butter cream  menggunakan resep Wilton:
190 gr mentega putih (solid white vegetable shortening)
450 gr gula halus (confectioners’s sugar)
40 ml air atau susu
1 sdt vanila flavour
10 gr (1 tbsp) meringue powder
Mixer mentega putih sampai lembut, lalu masukkan gula halus, meringue poeder, air, flavour.
Kemudian mixer lagi sampai diperoleh adonan yang sesuai.
Untuk menghasilkan butter cream yg lebih cair (tidak kaku),
tambahkan air sedikit demi sedikit mulai dari 15 ml /1 sdt.

Kissing Ball

Inspired by the work of Lindy Smith; Kissing Ball. The tutorial about this cake I learned from Lindy’s blog: http://www.lindyscakes.co.uk/Blog/2011/05/17/kissing-ball-cake-workshop/

The “ball” cake made of 15 cm diameter chocolate (brownies) cake covered with ganache. 


Violet-Aqua Sweet Seventeen

2 layer 22 cm, 2 layer 18 cm and 2 layer 15 cm chocolate cake, decorated with fondant.
Violet Chrysanthemum on top

>Flowers in The Basket


Inspired by Kerry Vincent..Australian born cake stylist. Her works with unusual flowers for dramatic visual impact are really amazing.

My flowers are just ordinary…roses, carnation, daisy, sun flower, chrysanthemum.

It was really fun making theese flowers….